Sunday, January 22, 2012

Absolut Tower Launch @ Ecoba, PJ Trade Center

Hello peeps! Greetings from Port Dickson. Left KayeLLe earlier on Friday evening to avoid the traffic on Saturday, I bet you know how terrible it was. In fact, I got stuck for quite a while in the traffic before entering the highway too. :|

So fat Lou went for the launch of Absolut Tower at Ecobar last week.
Yes, you heard it right, Absolut Vodka it is, but served in a TOWER, just like the beer!

A great surprise for you before Chinese New Year celebration no?

P1050665 - Copy

We were given the chance to go on stage to mix our personal favorite vodka cocktail in the tower. Saw the fun others had on stage and thinking, NO WAY fat Lou missing the fun rite?

*mixing the killers drink for the night

Instead of pouring it the usual way you do it, now you can pre-mixed it and refill it from the tower everytime your drink ran out.

Absolut Tower is the very first of it's kind (non-beer) liquor brand that having a tower on its own! Seriously, tell me if you see one before. :>

Yours truly with one of the world's best selling international premium spirit brand.

SO COOL I WANNA BRING IT HOME AND THROW MY PARTY PEEPS A POOL PARTY WITH IT AROUND! Just imagine yourself under a great weather, rockin' music blasting, and a Absolut Tower... :-?

All of us had a great time at the launch for sure!

w Mike Yip, Evelyn and Andrew

w missyblurkit and host of the night, Linora

MHB Bloggers

Awesome talk-mate, Alicia & Linora

Christock trying hard to pose with his orangie pop phone.


Testing one, two and three?

w Mr.Ren

w Yukiko

And my love-hate relationship with Absolut Vodka, things turn wild easily. :-w


Trust me all of us wanted to bring the tower home so badly, but ... no way that we are sneaking it out from the bar. REALLY COOL, I must say.Also I don't think you can purchase it anywhere around too.

The limited edition bottle for Chinese New Year.


So... you might wanna experience the fun at Ecoba, View Rooftop Bar, Afterwerk (Scott Garden) and Neverland.


Lastly, fatty wishes my dear readers a prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year back at home with the loves one, and happiness in everything you do throughout the Dragon year.

xo loves,
louise xin.

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