Sunday, July 31, 2011

.withlouise's new chapter of life.

One night, I set alarm to a timing that I never used to, lying on bed, with both eyes widely open. Staring on the ceiling, wondering, things gonna turns up good, or what? It's gonna be a friendly ones, or things are going to be bad?

My very first step out from the comfort zone that I've been living in.

Hello, to a whole new world.

Stepping on the newly bought pairs, feeling the nerves, I said Hi during the morning gathering.
It was strange, it was new, and it was weird.
Consider the biggest step to a turn over for my life so far. Found a whole new direction for life that would stop me from lingering on the ones that I shouldn't. People should always learn to move on don't we?

Life has never been this way before.
Wake up to think of the to-do-task for the day, to be responsibility of given job, to learn, to grow.
Getting up on seven o'clock every weekdays, sometimes the Sat too is definitely a hell sort of tortures at the very beginning. Turn my previous daily routine upside down but yea, I kinda like it.

Time flies and a month has gone.

Then what? I'm getting my very first paid tonight. So cheers! :)

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