Monday, June 6, 2011

Should you stop trying?

So, should you stop trying?

Very often we heard people telling us, don't give up, keep it going, try harder, never lost faith, and so on. Even myself, always telling people never give up trying on things you really want, fight for it. Question is, is that what we really want? Do we really need it so badly to a point you have to give up who you really were into someone else?

Sipping the drink on hand, doubts swirling in mind. Is all the efforts are gonna pay off one day? Are we trying too hard? Are we falling into a path that will never end? You'll never know until you find yourself waking up from nightmare, all alone by yourself. Haunted, fear, lonely, tears, and lost.

Did we lost ourselves? Should you just let the faith brings you on the go?
Choices are all on yourself, really.

Maybe, this time, stop trying will take place instead.

#nowplaying - You Lost Me

Had me cry, Oh I really cry
We lost ourselves
The love has died
And thou we tried You can't deny
We left as shells We lost the fight

I feel like our world's been inflected
And somehow you left me neglected
We found our life's been changed

Cause babe, you lost me

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