Friday, January 7, 2011


Couldn't recall when was the last time I took public transport to home. Two, or maybe three years? Frankly speaking, I hate it. A journey that need only forty-five to sixty minutes by driving, will takes you three hours on public transport. Involving train, bus, and walks.

Going on a holiday mood pushes me to go on a decision falling back to the familiar path.

See different peoples, languages, faces, colors. Some playing game.some reading.some listening to MP3.and some, sleeping. Or maybe resting their mind.
Counting the stations.Counting the time.Flipping magazine.Music playing.Images quickly flash through in mind.

3 years. How much has changed? Looking at the embellished towns, newly built buildings along the way, cleanliness, I was impressed.
Passed by the aging rail way, oil palm estate, walk through the green field. Couldn't stop myself from taking a few deep breath of fresh air.


I'm home.


  1. To me, KL is home. I feel so out of place (and even emo) when I go back to Malacca.

  2. KL is indeed what I used to. But hometown, is the real home w family loves. =)