Thursday, April 29, 2010

After counting 1/2 of 365 days =)

It was the day where the Mongolians and Malaysians gathered up for some Korea Soju & beer, during the days Tom were here for his graduated holiday.

My butterflyz boi with two of his best, Tom and Vincent.
**Can you differentiate which 2 are the Mongolians and which is the Chinese?!


Not even half a bottle of drink were down,


Somebodeh is out of control. =))


Absolutely drunk face of all on the way to Mist, Bangsar



Feeling up high on the sky yet still able to take pictures when i bumped into the sweeties. :D

| Adele |


| Stephanie | Call her if you need a reservation/guest list/drinks in Mist!!


| Tom | Mii | Uzi | Vincent |


Getting a little more booze for the night B-)


Bumped into the long time no see Stallone, working as ambassador there too.


Last picture of the night before leaving the club, which is my favorite group shoot of the night ;)


McDonalds for some fries and Filet'O fish before home sweet home!


It was my first night outing after more than 6 months! Hello! More than half of a year!!
And it's my FIRST night outing with my butterflyz boi !! What to do? my boi is so geek that he is so into his computer world and programs..Even shooo me away the night Ubuntu releasing new version.. *sobs* Yet it is part of the reason why I'm lovin' him so much :x

But it was exactly the same feeling like the first time I party ! :">

O H - M Y

I L O V E B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y.Z !!

Too much butterflies in my stomach now, someone calm me down please!!


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