Tuesday, March 30, 2010

.Love world Love sloggi.

- Oh love's in the air, it's everywhere
Everyone can see Everyone can feel

That the love's in the air
It's doesn't matter where

Everyone agrees
Love is all we need

'm always in love.
In love with the environment, the peoples around you, the family, the loves one, the friends, the gadgets, the cool stuff i owned, basically everything!

Well, i think there's always something special comes first than the rest, especially for girls!
Somehow somewhere we set the priority of which one are the most important out all isn't it?

ok, that's MYSELF!!!

We pamper ourselves with the best one. We love ourselves with the best one.
Of course we love environment around with the best one too ! Without the best environment how can we have the best ?! :D

How can we get to enjoy the awesome view from nature if we don't love it?


Same to the reason why i love Sloggi :)

Oh women! Don't you think the comfort ability both up and down there is very very very important?!
The closest one to you is not anything from the above but the one you always need!! *think about it*

I personally don't like underwear go out of shape after some time and Sloggi never disappointed me! Fashionable, colorful, comfortable and awesome superb fit material, just like a layer of cotton next to the skin! :x

Now, Sloggi's brand new eco-friendly product where the lingerie is made out of recycle materials ! :-O

How awesome it is that they have such a awesome idea of making these awesome products for us while awesomely LOVE world LOVE environment !?

Don't we LOVE WORLD LOVE SLOGGI even more now ?

How can you missed it even more ?!


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