Sunday, February 7, 2010


#1 Swimming session for every weekend!! Otherwise my clothes ain't gonna fit me anymore after CNY!! :|

#2 Meeting up da BEST months ago!! Awwww i miss them ! =((

#3 Classes everyday!

#4 A cup of coffee always bring ur day up! ;)

#5 Da butterflyz boi will never get bored of computer and his codes! :-B

#6 Hang out with kakaks for some juicy gossip session! :D

#7 Mii love banana leaf riceeee!

#8 First time receiving souvenir from Africa, thanks Jerry! ;)

#9 A lit soju for the Saturday night are just too great isn't it? :x

#10 Butterflyz's all time favorite spot.

That's all for now! Feb, da greatest month of the year , CNY coming together with my 20's birthday!


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